USCOM BP+ Professional Central Blood Pressure Monitor

The Uscom BP+ is the world’s first standalone Professional Central Blood Pressure Monitor. In under 60 seconds, Uscom BP+ performs A&D precision upper arm cuff blood pressure measurement and Uscom’s patented Supra-systolic non-invasive aortic central blood pressure measurement (cBP). Saved measurements contain 10 second high resolution pulse pressure rhythm strips and 22 parameters. The Uscom BP+ displays values previously only available with invasive measurements, recorded with a familiar upper arm BP cuff and the ease of a single button press.

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USCOM BP+ Professional Central Blood Pressure Monitor


  • Dual brachial and non-invasive central aortic
  • Detailed pulse pressure rhythm strips
  • Pulse pressure feature points
  • Large graphic LCD display with backlight
  • Removeable measurement storage for 10,000+ measurements
  • Durable and chemical resistant body
  • Clock, Time and Date stamp
  • 24 months warranty on this device
  • Brachial cuff measurements (SYS, DIA, MAP, PR, PP)
  • Central pressure measurements (cSYS, cDIA, cMAP, cPP)
  • PWA measurements (sAI, sPR, pPX, cPX, sPRV, sPPV, sRWTTf, sRWTTf, sRWTTp, sSEP, sdP/dt, cFF, cMPP, PPA)
  • Adjustable inflation pressure (AUTO,/100/120/140/160/180/200/240/280)
  • Professional cuff and 5 cuff sizes are available for use

Additional Information

The Uscom BP+ is a Supra-systolic central blood pressure (cBP) monitoring device which non-invasively measure blood pressure and blood pressure waveforms at the heart, as well as in the arm; information only previously available using invasive cardiac catheterization. Uscom BP+ Pulse Wave Analysis (PWA) of 10 seconds of central, brachial and SupraSystolic pulse pressure rhythm strips, yield 22 BP+ parameters (5 basic, 4 central and 13 PWA measures) to provide additional clinically relevant information. The optional Uscom BP+ Reporter application is available to view, store and generate customisable PDF reports. Uscom BP+ uses the latest A&D TM2917 blood pressure monitor that is mercury free and designed for multi-purpose use in hospitals, clinics and research. The TM2917 contains dual pneumatic pumps for reliable, fast and efficient cuff inflation, especially when using the larger adult cuffs.

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Accessories & Options SKU Size Unit Price
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Extra Small Arm Cuff Size 12-16cm UA-CUF-KS-SS-EC 12-16cm $40.00 Enquire
Small Arm Cuff Size 16-24cm UA-CUF-KS-SA-EC 16-24cm $40.00 Enquire
Adult Arm Cuff Size 22-32cm UM--CUF-KS-A 22-32cm $40.00 Add to cart
Large Arm Cuff Size 31-45cm UM--CUF-KS-LA 31-45cm $55.00 Add to cart
Extra Large Arm Cuff Size 41-50cm UA-CUF-KS-LL-EC 41-50cm $80.00 Enquire
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