Telemedicine Devices

A&D Medical offers innovative products that combine cutting-edge technology and convenience for telemedicine providers. A&D’s products have been developed to increase the convenience and effectiveness of remote patient management. System integrators can now provide units to remotely located patients enabling them to monitor their blood pressure and weight at home.

UC-351PBT-Ci Scale with Bluetooth Communication

The UC-351PBT-Ci was designed based on the UC-324NFC, which has glass plate in durable plastic surround and kg/lb selection available. This personal compact scale has 100kg capacity with 100g resolution.

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UA-767PBT-Ci Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor with Bluetooth Communication

UA-767PBT-Ci Automatic BPM was designed based on the UA-767 Plus, which is clinically proven in accuracy. It has inherited some advanced features from the original model, but is equipped with Bluetooth® wireless communication technology, giving it extended and advanced capabilities. Ideal for the home and professional health provider.

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UC-355 Precision Personal Health Scale

The UC-355 Precision Personal Health Scale features built in real time clock, internal memory, audible “step off” on completion and visual indication.The UC-355 scale device has been designed to the highest standards with 250kg capacity (0.1kg resolution from 1-100kg & 0.2kg resolution from 100kg – 250kg).

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UC-352BLE & UA-651BLE Bluetooth Products

Staying fit and keeping well is a challenge in our busy lives. A&D Medical has developed a line of products that help you connect your everyday lives to what is healthy.

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