Product Disclaimer

Important Information on the use of A&D Blood Pressure Monitors.

A&D Blood Pressure Monitors are some of the most advanced monitors available today.
Designed for ease of use and accuracy, this device will facilitate your daily blood pressure regimen.
We recommend that you read through the manual provided with any purchase carefully before using a A&D device for the first time.
This device conforms to the European Directive 93/42 EEC for Medical Products.
This is made evident by the mark of conformity. (0123: The reference number to the involved notified body).
The A&D UA-Series Blood Pressure Monitors are registered as Medical Devices by the TGA under ARTG 137371.
The A&D UA-series Blood Pressure Monitors are designed for use on adults only, not newborns or infants.
The A&D UA-series Blood Pressure Monitors are for use in the home healthcare environment.
The A&D UA-series Blood Pressure Monitors are designed to measure blood pressure and pulse rate of people for diagnosis.
Precision components are used in the construction of this device, extremes in temperature, humidity, direct sunlight, shock or dust should be avoided.
A&D UA-series Blood Pressure Monitors or cuffs, may be cleaned with a dry, soft cloth or a cloth dampened with water and a neutral detergent. Never use alcohol, benzene, thinner or other harsh chemicals to clean the device or cuff.
Avoid tightly folding the cuff or storing the hose tightly twisted for long periods, as such treatment may shorten the life of the components.
Take care to not twist the air hose during measurement. This may cause injury due to continuous cuff pressure.
The A&D UA-series Blood Pressure Monitors and cuffs are not water resistant. Prevent rain, sweat and water from soiling the device and cuff.
Measurements may be distorted if the device is used close to televisions, microwave ovens, X-ray or other devices with strong electrical fields. Wireless communication devices, such as home networking devices, mobile phones, cordless phones and their base stations, walkie-talkies can affect this blood pressure monitor. Therefore, a minimum distance of 3.3 meters (11 feet) should be kept from such devices. When reusing the device, confirm that the device is clean.
Used equipment, parts and batteries should not be treated as ordinary household waste, and must be disposed of according to the applicable local regulations.
When the AC adapter is used, make sure that the AC adapter can be readily removed from the electrical outlet when necessary.
Do not modify the device. It may cause accidents or damage to the device.
To measure blood pressure, the arm must be squeezed by the cuff hard enough to temporarily stop blood flow through the artery. This may cause pain, numbness or a temporary red mark to the arm. This condition will appear especially when measurement is repeated successively. Any pain, numbness, or red marks will disappear with time.
Measuring blood pressure too frequently may cause harm due to blood flow interference. Check that the operation of the device does not result in prolonged impairment of blood circulation, when using the device repeatedly.
If you have had a mastectomy, please consult a doctor before using the device.
Do not let children use the device by themselves and do not use the device in a place within the reach of infants.

The following are precautions for proper use of the A&D UA-series Blood Pressure Monitors

  • Do not apply the cuff on an arm with another medical electrical equipment attached. The equipment may not function properly.

  • People who have a severe circulatory deficit in the arm must consult a doctor before using the device, to avoid medical problems.

  • Do not self-diagnose the measurement results and start treatment by yourself. Always consult your doctor for evaluation of the results and treatment.

  • Do not apply the cuff on an arm with an unhealed wound.

  • Do not apply the cuff on an arm receiving an intravenous drip or blood transfusion. It may cause injury or accidents.

  • Do not use the device where flammable gases such as aesthetic gases are present. It may cause an explosion.

  • Do not use the device in highly concentrated oxygen environments, such as a high-pressure oxygen chamber or an oxygen tent. It may cause a fire or explosion.