Building Better Heart Health Together

There may not be an I in team, but there are plenty of health benefits in team sports. Humans are a gregarious bunch, so it should come as no surprise that we get more out of exercise when we do it as a group. 

From the heart and cardiovascular health to stronger muscles and bones there’s no shortage of upsides. Here are just a few of the ways that being a team player can help your workout go further.

Get a competitive edge

Even if you’re not naturally competitive, team sports can make you push yourself harder. Even a group class can have you putting in a little extra effort to keep up with the people around you.

This can be a good thing for heart health, bone density, weight loss, and more. 

Build a community

One of the biggest benefits of team sports is that sense of camaraderie. It turns out that team spirit can translate into increased endorphins, which in turn can boost your mood.

That can translate into improved mental health, which in turn can help with your heart and overall physical health. 

Increase your smarts

Okay, there’s a little gray area on this one, but statistically speaking, athletes tend to have higher GPAs than non-athletes.

Studies have also found that athletes have a better ability to track multiple objects simultaneously. Which is good for those who are less concerned about GPAs and more concerned about successfully multitasking as an adult. 

If this doesn’t have you racing to join a team, then consider signing up for a group class or taking part in a 5k run.

Staying active together gives you more than a good workout – it helps keep you and your teammates happier and healthier.