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Bakers Delight knows the recipe for Quality, do you?


A&D Australasia have been proudly supplying scales to Bakers Delight for over 10 years as part of the standard fit out for any new BD store.  Despite more choice and low cost competition in the scale market than ever before, BD know that quality, reliability and Australia-wide support are vital ingredients when it comes to running a high profile business with a proven recipe for quality baked goods.  No surprise then that when they recently trialed the new A&D SE series, dust and waterproof scales, they have now adopted them as their new scale of choice


The A&D SE scale has IP-68 protection against dust and water as well as an unparalleled 4500 hours running time from a single set of alkaline batteries, offering total flexibility in the demanding and hectic bakery environment. True quality and features designed for businesses that require REAL scales as opposed to plastic toys. 

See the SE copping it.. Want toys? Go to a toy shop instead


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A&D Australasia have proudly been manufacturing & supplying Australia & New Zealand Post their Postal Counter Scales for over 12 years.  In this day & age of low cost imports, it?s great to see that an Australian icon is proud to put it?s vital front-of-house weighing requirements in the hands of a trusted Australian manufacturer.  Thanks Aussie Post!


Whether you are Australia Post or a small start-up in the food industry; With local design & engineering skills and the ability to support products nationally via our technical services and extended Platinum Partner network, A&D Australasia are all about offering precision, support and value ? not just for the initial investment but most importantly, for the cost of ownership for a vital part of your business.  Scales, inline checkweighers, scientific balances and full automation Engineering, A&D Australia is the name to remember.

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Introducing our New EM Series Platform Scales


The new A&D EM Series offers a vast combination of features per dollar and is backed by the brand name Australians trust.

Ideal for weighing bulky parcels, be sure to ask us about its clever rotating indicator display.

  • Large backlit display
  • Internal rechargeable battery; AC adaptor included
  • 30kg bench model & 60kg/150kg floor models
  • Selectable weighing resolution for increased precision
  • Easy to assemble with no extra tools required
  • Counting and 'Hold' function & many more features

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Swimming with Sharks


The sales team at A&D hatched a wicked plan to be rid of our manager once and for all. We dropped him in the shark tank at Melbourne's awesome aquarium but didn?t count on the sharks disliking him as much as we do! Turns out that the Aquarium's A&D scales do such a great job precisely measuring the sharks' food, they have no desire for snacks between meal-times.

Big Thanks to the great team at Melbourne Aquarium for selecting a proudly Australian-made scale.

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Cheerio from the team at A&D Australasia