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TM-2657P Fully Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

The TM-2657P is the latest model in the range of freestanding fully automatic blood pressure monitors, whose ground-breaking design has been well received in hospitals, general practices and pharmacies. This new model offers faster and accurate measurements, a compact profile, and ease-of-use.

TM-2657P Fully Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor


  • User-friendly small footprint & barrier-free design
  • One-touch measurement
  • "Torque Controlled Belt drive Method" (TCBM), cuff fastening method with high accuracy and durability
  • Antibacterial arm cuff cover (included as standard)
  • Optional extension communication board (RS-232C and/or Bluetooth)
  • Reliable high speed printer with easy paper replacement
  • Various print formats available upon user request
  • Irregular Heart Beat (IHB) indicated on printout

Additional Information


Measurement Method

AC power supply unit
Switching 100-240V AC 50-60Hz

Protection against electrical shock
Class I, Type B

Pressure display range
0-299 mmHg

NIBP measurement range
SYS 40-270 mmHg, DIA 20-200 mmHg, Pulse 30-240 bpm

Measurement accuracy
Pressure: ±3 mmHg, Pulse: ±5%

NIBP clinical test
BS EN1060-4:2004, BHS:1993, +/-5mmHg SD:8mmHg

Cuff fastening method
Torque Controlled Belt drive Method (TCBM)

External dimensions
241(W) x 324(H) x 390(D) mm (9.5(W) x 13.0(H) x 15.4(D) inches)

Approx. 5.5 kg (12.1 lb)

Applicable arm circumference
7 inches (18.0 cm) to 13.8 inches (35.0 cm)

Cuff size
125 x 300 mm (4.9 x 11.8 inches)

Display Type
Systolic (SYS), Diastolic (DIA), Pulse rate (PUL) 3-digit display by LED

Counting function
Display of number of measurements to date: up to 999,999 times

Applied pressure
Automatic inflation by air pump

Pressure detection method
Capacitance type pressure transducer

Operating conditions
Temperature: 10-40 °C, humidity: 30-85% RH, no condensing

Transport/Storage conditions
Temperature: -20-60 °C, humidity: 10-95% RH, no condensing

Safety device (Electrical)
Quick release when START/STOP button is pressed
Quick release when FAST STOP button is pressed

Clock Function
Clock Display, Date & Time (2015-2050)