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UC-352BLE & UA-651BLE Bluetooth Products

Staying fit and keeping well is a challenge in our busy lives. A&D Medical has developed a line of products that help you connect your everyday lives to what is healthy. Our A&D scales and blood pressure monitors help you to check your progress as you work to maintain or improve your overall health. Bluetooth Ver.4.0LE. Bluetooth communication (Windows, iOS, Android)

BLE set-up video

UC-352BLE & UA-651BLE Bluetooth Products



    (UA-651BLE features are listed below)
  • UA-651BLE BPM: Internal memory of 30 data records
  • UA-651BLE BPM: Irregular HeartBeat (IHB) indicator - LCD only
  • UA-651BLE BPM: Extra large 3-line display for easier reading of results
  • UA-651BLE BPM: One-touch measurement
  • UA-651BLE BPM: Latex-free and metal-free, slimFit Cuff
  • UA-651BLE BPM: Compact design for portability

    (UC-352BLE features are listed below)
  • UC-352BLE: Durable glass plate scale
  • UC-352BLE: kg/lb selection
  • UC-352BLE: Internal memory of 90 data records
  • UC-352BLE: 0 to 100kg : 100g resolution / 100 to 200kg : 200g resolution
  • UC-352BLE: 0 to 220.0lb : 0.2lb resolution / 220.0 to 450.0lb : 0.5lb resolution
  • UC-352BLE: Simply step on start weighing
  • UC-352BLE: Beeps on completion of weighing
  • UC-352BLE: Low profile stylish design

Additional Information

We all find it difficult to find time to achieve our personal health and fitness goals in the hectic 24/7 personal environment we find ourselves in, especially the ability to monitor our own health and fitness indicators, such as, activity, weight, blood pressure and temperature.

A&D's Connect app will help you monitor your blood pressure and track your weight and BMI trends – all from this new easy-to-use app.
A&D Connect guides you through the easy device set-up process and provides at-a-glance results, goals, and trends for you and sharing data with your family and doctors.

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To install A&D's Connect Smart App onto your mobile, click on the image and follow the prompts: (Available on iOS 6−8 iPhone 4S or newer, iPad 3rd & 4th generation and newer, iPad Air, iPad mini)

Connect Smart App

To install A&D's Connect Smart App onto your mobile, click on the image and follow the prompts: (Requires Android OS version 4.4 or 5.1 For compatible smartphones and versions, please click here)

Connect Smart App

CLICK HERE for a quick guide on how to use the A&D Connect App on your smart phone.

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