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Professional Weighing Scales

  • PW-200-FG Patient Scale
    PW-200-FG Patient Scale

    A purpose built personal weighing scale with a capacity of 200 kg. A displayed increment of 20 gm (0.02kg) ensures optimum accuracy. A colour scheme ideal for a healthcare environment.

  • SJ-12KBS Baby Scale
    SJ-12KBS Baby Scale

    Featuring high weighing accuracy and repeatability the SJ-12KBS provides optimum performance at a very reasonable price. Able to weigh in kilograms and pounds & ounces, this compact unit comes fully assembled.

  • Walk on Bariatric Scale
    Walk on Bariatric Scale

    The A&D walk-on bariatric scale (WOBS) has been specifically designed for the safe and comfortable weighing of obese and unsteady patients. The WOBS features a low profile stainless steel platform with high strength handrail support. Weighing capacity is 300kg with 50 gram increments and the clinical finish platform size is 600mm x 700mm.

  • AD-6121A Clinical Precision Scale
    AD-6121A Clinical Precision Scale

    The AD-6121A precision scale was designed for professional use with slim and compact functions in mind. A low profile of only 57 mm makes it easily accessible for patients and its 100 g resolution can display small differentiations in weight.

  • WCS Wheelchair Scale
    WCS Wheelchair Scale

    The WCS Wheelchair Scale is a highly portable platform scale with ramp and is specifically designed for weighing patients confined to wheelchairs.

  • HVL-CS Hospital Chair Scale
    HVL-CS Hospital Chair Scale

    The HVL-CS Chair Scale is purpose built to weigh patients who are unable to use a stand on platform scale. The HVL-CS features a 150 kg capacity with a 50g accuracy. The HVL-CS is powered by either an AC supply or by DC battery.

  • Bariatric UC-355 Precision Health Scale
    Bariatric UC-355 Precision Health Scale

    The UC-355 Precision Personal Health Scale features built in real time clock, internal memory, audible "step off" on completion and visual indication.The UC-355 scale device has been designed to the highest standards with 250kg capacity (0.1kg resolution from 1-100kg & 0.2kg resolution from 100kg - 250kg).