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Reasons for Differences in Your Blood Pressure

The reasons for variances in BP readings can be a bit more complicated than a just fear of clinical settings, though. Time of day, level of activity, diet, and yes, even your location are all factors that can have a significant impact on your blood pressure.

measure blood pressure dementia

Controlled blood pressure can reduce the risk of Dementia.

A clinical trial conducted by Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center and reported in the Jan. 28 edition of the Journal of the American Medical Association, indicated that controlling the blood pressure in individuals aged 68 and older can decrease the risk of Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) risk, which is a precursor of dementia.

Voted Best BPM for Home Use

Best Blood Pressure Monitor as voted by Wirecutter

With a comfortable cuff and easy readability, the A&D UA-767F is the best available monitor we found. It fared well in our accuracy tests, comes with a case and an easy-to-read display, and is affordably priced compared with the leading competition. Read Wire Cutter's review in detail.

blood pressure monitor

Notice of the IHB/AFib Indicator and %IHB/AFib

AFib (Atrial Fibrillation) is an arrhythmia that can lead to stroke and other heart-related complications. Through a joint study with Jichi Medical University, A&D Medical have achieved 100% accurate detection of AFib in a single measurement. Products with the new software will be available from mid 2018.

accurate bpm

Hypertension and sphygmomanometers

The findings from this report concludes Digital sphygmomanometers have largely replaced mercury models in primary care and have equivalent accuracy. Aneroid devices have higher failure rates than other device types; this appears to be largely accounted for by models from indiscernible manufacturers. Given the availability of inexpensive and accurate digital models, GPs could consider replacing aneroid devices with digital equivalents, especially for home visiting.

Hypertension is a leading cause of cardiovascular disease

Doctor Pro 3 for TM-2430 / UA-767PC

Doctor Pro Windows™ software was designed to enhance diagnosis of patient data that has been captured by our ambulatory BP monitors (TM-2430) for further treatment.

wireless A&D medical products

Health care management via wireless technology

A&D Medical is entering a new era of health care management via wireless technology and will be exhibiting the latest development of our WellnessConnected product all around the world in 2016. Contact us for more information.

A&D telemedicine as seen on seven

Tele-monitoring health management as reported on Channel 7 News Adelaide

Staying fit and keeping well is a challenge in our busy lives. A&D Medical has developed a line of products that help you connect your everyday lives to what is healthy. See the Channel 7 News Report here.

wellness connected

Wellness Connected “Tap and Go” makes health management even easier!

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology and our new A&D Wellness Connected App developed for smart phones have made health monitoring even easier. Read the article in full here.

ub542 available on qantas

UB-542 Wrist BPMs now available on Qantas

You can now purchase A&D's Blood Pressure Monitor whilst flying!


BP Telemonitoring Clinical Trial

The findings from this analysis indicate that hypertensive patients in this study were able to achieve and maintain high adherence to both the telemonitoring and the phone case management visits.

Hypertension Sydney 2012

A&D Medical were proud to particpate and contribute to Hypertension Sydney 2012 - helping to further understand and improve blood pressure monitoring and general wellbeing.

A&D Baby Scales proudly donated to NSW Medical Centre

To acknowledge the fantastic work done by Edensor Park Medical Centre in Sydney’s South West for the community, we recently donated an A&D Digital Baby Scale as a joint venture donation with our A&D Platinum Partner Accuweigh, for the benefit of the Edensor Park community.

World's Largest Study Confirms Telehealth Saves Lives

Latest findings from the Whole Systems Demonstrator telehealth trial programme confirm a 45% reduction in mortality, 20% cut in emergency admissions and 15% fewer A&E visits

Blood pressure guidelines revised in England and Wales

Patients in England and Wales will be offered extra checks using a mobile device that records blood pressure over 24 hours, says the watchdog NICE.

Relief effort for survivors of the Japan earthquake & tsunami

A&D contributed clinical and consumer blood pressure monitors to Jichi Medical University to organize a special medical support team sponsoring a cardiovascular disease prevention program for evacuees who survived the devastating March 11 earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Pharmacy Direct gets Blood Pressure Monitor back

The staff at Pharmacy Direct Sydney warehouse at 3 Coal Street Silverwater NSW where happy to see the A&D TM-2655P back from service. One of the staff remarked people have been asking every day, "where is that blood pressure machine".

A&D Medical's UA-851 gains CHOICE Recommendation

Choice the leading Australian consumer watch dog evaluates automatic blood pressure monitors. 14 automatic blood pressure monitors tested for accuracy and ease of use, ranging from $70-$180.